1. Location Analysis: Peterborough-Stamford Wild Hunt - Part One
A blast from the past may explain Ermine Street's missing section. And start to explain Europe's Wild Hunt folklore. Fri 01 December 2023
2. Location Analysis: Clothall and Therfield Heath, Hertfordshire Part Two
Therfield Heath reveals the fabric of high society. Fri 21 July 2023
3. Location Analysis: Clothall and Therfield Heath, Hertfordshire
Evidence of demolition of a 'ritual landscape'. Thu 20 July 2023
4. Location Analysis: Royston Cave - Part Four
I ♥ pay-day. Wed 19 July 2023
5. Location Analysis: Royston Cave - Part Three
Who put the 'Ick' into Icknield Way? Mon 17 July 2023
6. Location Analysis: Royston Cave - Part Two
Which bits of Royston Cave were covered up? Mon 17 July 2023
7. Location Analysis: Royston Cave - Part One
Royston's name-explainers ignore its most elite resident. Sun 16 July 2023
8. On The Level About Lincolnshire - Part Three
Evidence of depopulation and repopulation around Ground Zero. Thu 01 June 2023
9. On The Level About Lincolnshire - Part Two
The Wash. Short for Ground Zero. Tue 30 May 2023
10. Ice Age Sites of Britain's Serpents - Part Five
Unbox the wise hag's hidden technologies. Thu 04 May 2023
11. Ice Age Sites of Britain's Serpents - Part Four
Bewitched isn't what it used to be. Wed 03 May 2023
12. Ice Age Sites of Britain's Serpents - Part Three
Workplace locations of witches and serpents show how fake folklore hid England's food-distribution network. Tue 02 May 2023
13. Ice Age Sites of Britain's Serpents - Part Two
Mind the gaps to uncover more sites of the medieval skin trade. Sun 30 April 2023
14. Before the Digestive Biscuit Game
One of the oldest elite games has just three rules: fuck it, cook it, eat it. Tue 20 December 2022
15. How Do You Get AI to Think For Itself? Part Three
Drop yet more hints. Mon 19 December 2022
16. How Do You Get AI to Think For Itself? Part Two
Drop more hints. Sun 18 December 2022
17. The Last Bath's On You
For over 1,300 years, no-one noticed the lead-lined Roman Great Bath built on Britain's only hot water spring. Even, apparently, as they bathed in it. Fri 16 December 2022
18. How Do You Get AI to Think For Itself? Part One
Drop hints. Wed 14 December 2022
19. Evidence of Managed Weather - Part Three
Engineered weather events create opportunities to hint. At earlier engineered weather events... Sun 24 July 2022
20. Evidence of Managed Weather - Part Two
Laser-guided lightning shows weather control is easy. If you can afford the equipment. Sat 23 July 2022
21. Evidence of Managed Weather - Part One
A fishy forecast introduces us to managed weather. Fri 22 July 2022
22. On The Level About Lincolnshire - Part One
The unnatural formation visible beneath the Fens suggests they were deliberately created. Thu 21 July 2022
23. Ice Age Sites of Britain's Serpents
Where does the word 'pilgrim' come from? Wed 20 July 2022
24. Who Preyed On Us?
There's no shortage of clues. Tue 19 July 2022
25. Anomalies Tell Tales
There were hippos in London when there were leopards in Norway. Fri 01 July 2022
26. Dating the Intelligent Pig
This could be your big date. Thu 30 June 2022
27. Away In a Manger - Part Five
In the Beginning was the Word. And the Word was "Vellum". Wed 15 June 2022
28. Away in a Manger - Part Four
The Stations of the Cross stood on the domes of the rocks. Wed 15 June 2022
29. Away In A Manger - Part Three
Logic and folklore explain enigmatic landscape features and uncover the real meaning of 'the Stations of the Cross'. Wed 15 June 2022
30. Away In A Manger - Part Two
Hogback 'tombs' intimately connect four English words: 'stock', 'stocks', 'grave' and 'gravy'. Wed 15 June 2022
31. Away In A Manger - Part One
Which religion starts with a husband and pregnant wife looking for shelter? And with an animal feeding trough? Tue 14 June 2022
32. The Furniture Chop
What does 'Gothic' really mean? Sun 12 June 2022
33. Sheela Na Gig Clues to Retail of the Past
Tourists have always loved Ireland. And tourists have always needed feeding. Sat 28 May 2022
34. From Nuns to Working Girls
Flemish and Saxon refugees gave rise to competitive prostitution, female factory workers and a female police force with fascist leanings. Fri 27 May 2022
35. The Georgian Birth of Christ - Part Three
A glamorous new religion needs glamorous old rituals. Fri 27 May 2022
36. The Georgian Birth of Christ - Part Two
A glamorous new religion needs glamorous old buildings. Thu 26 May 2022
37. The Georgian Birth of Christ
A romance of redemption remains the Tennyson clique's most popular drama. Wed 25 May 2022
38. Burghers in the Priors' Ovens
Excessively careful terminology helps uncover the real story behind the English 'Civil War'. And George Orwell's Animal Farm. Sat 21 May 2022
39. Reverend Revenants Rewrote the Romans
Antiquarians with strangely Roman names cleaned up England's history after the 17th century civil war. These revenant historians erased folklore based on memories and replaced it with Human History v1.0. Thu 19 May 2022
40. The International Blue Stone
Passed off as glacial erratics, bluestones were neither glacial, nor erratic. And they were only blue on special occasions. Thu 19 May 2022
41. Who Faked the Cromwells?
He also made up the French Revolution and Frederick the Great before inventing hero-worship and fascism. Sun 15 May 2022
42. Add a Thousand Years...
Time is a great healer. Add 1,000 years to Dark Age catastrophes to cure some monkish dating errors. Fri 13 May 2022
43. Lean, Mean and Easy to Clean
Huge gluteous muscles gave humans bipedalism and uniquely big arses. And a need for post-crap after-care. Fri 13 May 2022
44. Is Earth a Quarry?
Remote wildernesses show the very large fingerprints of quarrymen. Thu 12 May 2022
45. Tithes That Bind
It's not like they don't tell you. Wed 11 May 2022
46. Children of Incels
Who says humans can't hybridise? Tue 03 May 2022
47. You're a Machine
Who made you? Mon 02 May 2022
48. Desert Islands of Eastern England
In the 17th century, huge drifts of sand engulfed farms and villages between Yorkshire and Norfolk. Where did they come from? Sat 30 April 2022
49. Rotherwas Ribbon, Herefordshire, UK
Controversial from the moment of discovery, the 'enigmatic' Rotherwas Ribbon was quickly covered up. Sat 30 April 2022
50. Serpent Mound, Discovery Park, Seattle, US
An ancient serpent mound in a modern park. Sat 30 April 2022
51. Jeepers, Creepers - Where'd You Get Those Peepers?
Thank your other half for your looks. And your medical conditions. Fri 29 April 2022
52. Meet Your Other Half
Though they say you've moved on. Fri 29 April 2022
53. Glenelg Serpent Mound, Scallasaig, Scotland
Its precise location is unknown. And its surviving folklore came from another resident of London's Cheyne Row. Thu 28 April 2022
54. Secrets of the Mutant Chimp's DNA
Not everyone's ready to look at evolution - the second explanation for the existence of humans. Let alone the third explanation. Thu 28 April 2022
55. Boyd County Serpent Mound, Kentucky, US
Boyd County serpent mound's neighbourhood shows serpent mounds may be associated with places called 'cat' or 'ket' Wed 27 April 2022
56. Warren County Serpent Mound, Ohio, US
Warren County serpent mound near Hamilton, Ohio, was apparently second only to the Great Serpent Mound in Adams County. Its controversies died when it was destroyed in the early 1970s. Wed 27 April 2022
57. Carn Brae Serpent Mound, Redruth, Cornwall
Britain's earliest recorded serpent mound is the cute curl at the right of this 1754 plan. Why no older references? Wed 27 April 2022
58. Skelmorlie Serpent Mound, Scotland
A carefully described serpent mound... which didn't make it into Scotland's Canmore database of ancient sites. Thu 21 April 2022
59. Keene Serpent Mound, Ontario
A well-documented serpent mound now kept off limits. Tue 19 April 2022
60. Loch Nell Serpent Mound, Scotland
A Scottish serpent mound with finds of flint and bronze knives. And folklore about battling giants. Tue 19 April 2022
61. How Current Events are Faked
Many media and political personalities are not even actors. They're computer-generated imagery. Tue 19 April 2022
62. Warnings Before the Reformat
In each hand was a kind of flying snake wrapped around the arm. Sun 17 April 2022
63. The Cleansing of Germany
17th century accounts of a devastated Germany are incompatible with religious war and the technology available to humans. Sat 16 April 2022
64. Sanitised For Your Convenience
A Europe-wide death cult disappears. Tue 12 April 2022
65. How the Past Was Hidden
How humans were induced to dismiss memories of daily life in the past. Sun 10 April 2022
66. Small Talk and Dancing Hint at Human AI
Small-talk, virtue signalling and partner dancing are hard to explain. Are they artifacts of human's early training as an artificial intelligence? Thu 31 March 2022
67. Take the Saxons With a Pinch of Salt
King Cerdic of Wessex - first in a long line of faked Saxon kings. Tue 22 March 2022
68. Early AI Malfunctions. Observation and Treatment
Management of madness before large insane asylums reveals how early human artificial intelligence failures were monitored before 1740. Mon 21 March 2022
69. Insane Asylums. When and Why They Appeared
Large insane asylums sprang up after 1740 - at the start of a new experiment in artificial intelligence. Human Artificial Intelligence. Mon 21 March 2022
70. Experiments With Human Consciousness
Skillful trepanning. So skillful, the people who did it couldn't have done it. Sun 20 March 2022
71. Mystery of the Missing Castles
England's missing castles hint at two well-kept secrets. Sat 19 March 2022
72. Ortona Serpent Mound, Glades County, Florida, US
Ortona's serpent mound helps us question serpent mound narratives. Thu 10 February 2022
73. Greater Cambrae Serpent Mound, Scotland
So little information has big implications. Tue 08 February 2022
74. Grimsby Serpent Mound, Lincolnshire, UK
A map of pre-Victorian Grimsby helps us understand why mystery and mimic plays were suppressed. Sat 05 February 2022
75. Serpent Mound, Ohio, US
LIDAR image of Ohio's Serpent Mound. Native Americans say they didn't build it. Academics say they did. Fri 04 February 2022
76. Twists in the Tale of the Serpent Mound
Ohio's Serpent Mound seems to be the only serpent mound selected for tourism. Thu 03 February 2022
77. Fingerprints of the Clean Up Team - Part Three
Mass graves and hominid hugelkultur enabled agriculture and a new market economy. Tue 04 January 2022
78. Fingerprints of the Clean Up Team - Part Two
Steep-sided conical mounds appeared in 17th Century Britain and America. Most were quickly ploughed under. Mon 03 January 2022
79. Fingerprints of the Clean Up Team - Part One
In England and in the US barrows and mounds look like earth-covered food bowls. Sun 02 January 2022
80. Iron Age Butchers Dressed The Part
J.Lo's minidress helps us unravel one of England's Iron Age mysteries: where did the bodies go? Sat 01 January 2022
81. Fabrics From Fabricants
Only one primate can do this. Mon 13 December 2021
82. Gas Stations of the Past - Part Six
Royston Cave's carvings depict the Hertfordshire town's market days. Tue 07 December 2021
83. Gas Stations of the Past - Part Five
Modern innovation turned balloons into airships. Modern alchemy developed new sources for lighter-than-air gas. Mon 06 December 2021
84. Gas Stations of the Past - Part Four
Ignore the hot air about hot air. Sun 05 December 2021
85. Gas Stations of the Past - Part Three
Mausoleum design suggests engineered gas creation, storage and management. Sat 04 December 2021
86. Gas Stations of the Past - Part Two
Mausolea as low-tech gas harvesting and dispensing stations. Photographic evidence. Fri 03 December 2021
87. Gas Stations of the Past - Part One
Evaluating mortuary structures as low-tech gas harvesting and dispensing stations resolves their enigmas and better explains curious physical characteristics. Thu 02 December 2021
88. Depopulated England. Eyewitness Evidence
B&Q was closed, so we improvised. Fri 12 November 2021
89. Depopulated England. Visual Evidence
Visual evidence shows English buildings derelict and overgrown in the 18th century. Vegetation grows from the upper edges of walls and roofs. How? Thu 11 November 2021
90. Newport: The Not So Old Port
Lincoln's Newport Arch hints at a new date for Roman England. A very new date. Wed 10 November 2021
91. Not The English Civil War
England's Civil War narrative doesn't explain eastern England's destroyed towns, depopulation and signs of radiation sickness. Thu 23 September 2021
92. Eloi was South Holland, Lincolnshire
HG Wells' novel The Time Machine describes post-catastrophe humans being reared as cattle. It was based on real events in a real place. Sat 11 September 2021
93. Shop Signs of the Brothel-Keepers
Pimps and brothel-keepers left their shop signs all over Britain and Ireland. Mon 21 June 2021
94. Mark of the Flesh Market
More than 10,000 of 12,500 market crosses were destroyed in Britain. Why? Mon 07 June 2021
95. Bone Warehouses For The Discerning DIYer
Before there was expensive carbon fibre, there was cheap calcium carbonate fibre. Sun 06 June 2021
96. Tunnel Denial
They're not tunnels, just cellars. And they smell foul, say people who have been in them. Sun 30 May 2021
97. Britain's Forgotten Giants
Who ate jail-bait? Sat 29 May 2021
98. Faces of Giants
Butchers' chins and noses get bigger the further back you go. Sat 29 May 2021
99. Tunnels Under England
Down the rabbit hole we go. In it hides the terrible truth of our past. Sat 29 May 2021
100. Papa Song's Papal Chantries
Medieval 'hospitals' weren't hospitals Sun 01 November 2020