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Before there was expensive carbon fibre, there was cheap calcium carbonate fibre. Sun 06 June 2021

St Leonard's Church, Hythe, Kent. Source: Flickering Lamps

St. Bride's church crypt:

Today's sanitised St Brides' crypt. Source: Youtube

Sanitised but note the reference in the final seconds to St Bride's being "The Printer's Church". That's a reference to the use of human skin for bookmaking, as evidenced in Away In a Manger - Part Five.

More on St Brides:

Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell:

Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell, Northamptonshire, Digital fly-through. Source

St Leonards Church, Hythe, Kent:

Photographs in the last St Leonards ossuary link demonstrate the remarkable product consistency achieved before International Standards Organisation (ISO) and DIN certifications were available.

Known locations of ossuaries and charnel chapels in England:

Red markers indicate ossuaries currently holding stock.


From The Torrington Diaries (Abridged Selected), John Byng, 1790-06-07 at Belvoir Castle, Nottinghamshire, p158:

But in the whole House, there is no Furniture (Pictures excepted) that a Broker would think worth the carrying away; Nor one Chair, Table, Carpet or Curtain of use or comfort! In this Condition was the House found by the late duke; An old Bed, curiously worked by a Countess of Rutland, in a tapestry Room, with fine velvet Chairs, is the most antient Observation in the House.

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