Evidence of Managed Weather - Part One

A fishy forecast introduces us to managed weather. Fri 22 July 2022

35mph winds in the English Channel but don't worry! Source: BBC Michael Fish 15th October 1987

If we pay attention, we can see clues that wind and weather are controlled:

Strange Sounds, Jan 21, 2012, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Source

Two days later:

Strange Sounds, Jan 23, 2012, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Source

Strange sounds, Aug 11, 2011, Kiev, Ukraine. Source: Опять странный звук в Киеве 11.08.11

What is that noise?

Source: Breaking Bad, S3 Ep11

Then there are the oddities of the Great Storm on the night of 15-16 October 1987:

"It was kind of... orange glow." Source: Adam Curtis - The Attic

What have we just been told?

  • "The sky was incredible colours even though it was the middle of the night. It was kind of... orange glow."
  • "The worst storms the nation has known for nearly three centuries."
  • "They came in from the ocean without any warning from the weathermen."

That's not just a reference to BBC weatherman Michael Fish's infamous claim there would be no hurricane. It's a hint at the many oddities about Fish's weather forecast:

From Great storm of 1987:

On the Sunday before the storm struck, the farmers' forecast had predicted bad weather on the following Thursday or Friday, 15–16 October. (Note: This appears to be the only bad weather forecast and was apparently issued by the BBC four days earlier). By midweek, however, guidance from weather prediction models was somewhat equivocal. During the afternoon of 15 October, winds were very light over most parts of the UK. The pressure gradient was slack. (Note: meaning there were no indicators of a storm)

In other words, there were no indications of the imminent storm. So few indications, in fact, that BBC weatherman Michael Fish went out of his way to say there would be no storm:

"As if we could control the weather!" Source: Michael Fish hurricane video 1987

After the storm, people wondered:

  • Where did the woman learn about the unpredicted hurricane?
  • Why did her forecast predict radically more severe weather when the BBC and Meteorogical Office didn't?
  • Why did she ring to ask the BBC about it? Surely she'd simply watch (or listen) to one of the BBC's many weather forecasts?

Over the years, details of the woman's alleged phone call have emerged, but they are as changeable as the weather:

Source: BBC weather Michael Fish mystery phone caller revealed 1987

It's almost as if Michael Fish is trying to draw your attention to the inconsistencies in the whole story.

This changing narrative smell fishy. Source: Great Grimsby

Sevenoaks Chronicle editor Bob Ogley said the Great Storm was accompanied by:

  • an eerie whistle
  • an orange glow in the night sky - also visible in the TV footage

The orange glow has never been explained.

Perhaps it was a 'photon bath':

The warm orange glow of a Teramobile plasma 'filament'. Source

Above: a laser-created 'filament' of superheated gas above an unidentified German city - probably Berlin in 2010.

From Teramobile:

filaments can survive their propagation through hostile conditions (rain, haze, turbulent atmospheres)

And from Propagation of laser filaments through an extended turbulent region:

... the main properties of the filaments... their ability to deliver high intensities at long distances and a broad continuum spectrum. They rely on the capability of filaments to propagate in adverse conditions such as reduced atmospheric pressure, dense clouds, or rain, thanks to their energy reservoir (or photon bath).

Perhaps a photon bath explains this unattributed comment from Great storm of 1987:

Dramatic increases in temperature were associated with the passage of the storm's warm front.

Turning to another sudden temperature increase, this time in Spain and Portugal in 2017.

From June 2017 Portugal wildfires:

A series of four initial deadly wildfires erupted across central Portugal in the afternoon of 17 June 2017 within minutes of each other, resulting in at least 66 deaths and 204 injured people.[2][3][4][5]

Although most early official reports pointed to a dry thunderstorm as the cause of the tragedy, the President of the Portuguese Firefighters League expressed his conviction the fire was sparked by arsonists.[6]

Four months later...

From October 2017 Iberian wildfires:

The October 2017 Iberian wildfires were a series of more than 7,900 forest fires affecting Northern Portugal and Northwestern Spain between 13 and 18 October.

The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy and Jorge Gomes, Portugal's secretary of state of internal administration, believed most of the (7,900) fires were lit by arsonists.[8]

Busy mobile arsonists - judging from their 7,900 'ignitions' across the Spanish-Portuguese border. You'd think border control offices (yes, they still exist) would have CCTV footage. Or road traffic cameras.

After the June and October fires, Portuguese people with experience of wildfires - firemen and the rural elderly - insisted these fires were unnatural.

I spoke to a land manager who witnessed several outbreaks in northern Portugal. They were visibly perplexed as they described what they had seen:

reports from firemen friends of small glass cylinders being found in the burned forests. Of the GNR (Portuguese police) taking them away, despite firemen in Portugal having jurisdiction over fire investigations and therefore jurisdiction over evidence used in fire investigations. strange whistling noises in the sky before, between and during fires fire that broke out in a fast-moving line, running ahead of what were apparently helicopters occasionally visible through the smoke shafts of blue light that descended from the clouds of smoke and moved along the ground.

Among the many civilian and firefighter deaths in June 2017 is this one:

From June 2017 Portugal wildfires:

In the afternoon of 20 June, according to reports, one of the foreign aid Canadair water bombers crashed over Pedrógão Grande, though Secretary of State of Internal Administration Jorge Gomes could not confirm the reports. Later, the National Authority for Civil Defence dismissed all reports of a plane crash, attributing eye-witness reports of the crash to a gas explosion on a camper trailer.

An elementary schoolboy error. Portugal's Canadair water bombers are large, painted bright yellow, have wings and fly. Trailer gas canisters are small, painted blue, red or green, don't have wings and do not fly.

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