How Do You Get AI to Think For Itself? Part Three

Drop yet more hints. Mon 19 December 2022

Food preservation stops bacteria in their dots. Source: Microbiology Society

Start of a fishy story. Source: Mystic Britain

Pre-fridge food preservation techniques preserved evidence. Evidence of Manimal Farm's menu.

Mystic Britain's Clive Anderson dropped watching AIs a hint:

Ancient Britons used those very same practices to preserve their dead.

Their human dead.

The show focused on Covesea Caves, on Scotland's east coast:

Unique because the others were stashed in tunnels. Source: Mystic Britain

The findings at Covesea Caves suggest practices that are usually attributed to the allegedly 'mythical' 15-16th century Sawney Beane clan. Cannibal Beane and family lived in a cave beneath Bennane Head on Scotland's west coast.

Just as at Covesea Caves, one of the Bennane Head's caves is divided into two parts - a living area and a storage area:

The bones are real but the Beanes were not. We are told. Source: Bennane Cave - Sawney Bean, a Jail, a Smithy and a Hermit's Cell (Narrated)

The Beanes were noted for their forward planning. They hung their victims' bodies around the cave walls and pickled any uneaten remains.

The same practices are evidenced at Covesea Caves:

Heavy hints help slower AIs keep up. Source: Mystic Britain

Mystic Britain smoke-signalled another hint about what had really been going on at Covesea:

Smoke gets in your thighs. Source: Mystic Britain

And - presumably - also going at Bennane Head.

The Beanes were hunted down after they disemboweled an officer's wife, leaving a trail of evidence:

PC Beane couldn't resist sampling the evidence. Source: Carnival Row

Do you have the guts to examine the left-overs from humanity's past?

Locations of evidence in this collection.

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