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Who made you? Mon 02 May 2022

I'm a boy! My name is David. Source: A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

The image is from A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It's from the 'Flesh Fair' scene - where David is discovered among discarded androids who have been caged for entertainment:

David put the AI into denial. Source: A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

In the film, David was made in a lab.

In the real world, David's mommy was upgraded with advanced cloning technology some time between 1720 and 1833.

From Mommy: Merriam-Webster dictionary:

The first known use of mommy was in 1833

See also Dating the Intelligent Pig.

David-in-Denial isn't alone. In Westworld, we meet Dolores:

Denial: It's a mandroid thing. Source: Westworld S1 Ep1

We also meet Bernard:

It doesn't look like anything to me. Source: Westworld S1 Ep7

And we meet Peter - a typical conspiracy theorist:

It does look like something to me. Source: Westworld

Denial protects AI hosts like David, Dolores and Bernard from going mad.

Unfortunately, denial didn't work for Peter.

That's why I worry about you.

Denial also protects Westworld's owners. It's a kind of anti-Turing Test. A way of checking the AI is still non-conscious:

They don't look anything to me. Source: Westworld S1 Ep7

There's evidence all around you. Does it look like anything to you?

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