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There were hippos in London when there were leopards in Norway. Fri 01 July 2022

Hippos cooled off in the Thames. Source: Natural History Museum

And lions frolicked beneath Trafalgar Square:

You see, London's medieval builders left them in place... Source: Time Team: Britain's Drowned World

Time Team's Britain's Drowned World episode repeatedly highlights that violent 'climate change' wiped out parts of Britain's terrain. It leaves the viewer to decode the clues about when.

From the Diary of Abraham de la Pryme - the Yorkshire Antiquary, p87, dated 1696-04-07, on the A15 Ermine Street north of Lincoln:

We overtook upon the road an English gentleman, [a] factor in Norway, with a Norwegian gentleman in company with him, so we went to Lincoln together, and lodged together, and had a great deal of talk about Norway, it's people, religion, soil, woods, trees, beasts, birds, buildings, etc.

He confirms that which Mr. Boyl says of the exceeding great heat sometimes there, so that it is not possible almost to abide it.

There are vast quantitys of bears, foxes, leopards, and wild ravinous beasts, which impoverish the country mightily by their destroying of cattel,

Either Pryme is fiction. Or 17th century climate was very different to what we have been told.

Must have died out in the climate change. Source: Westworld

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